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NPP Has Finally Conceded Defeat;

Written by Shizzy Banks

NPP Has Finally Conceded Defeat;

The Electoral Commission last Wednesday 9 December declared the results of the December 7 polls which sees the incumbent New Patriotic Party led Government by Nana Akufo Addo been crowned as the winner of the presidential polls for attaining 51.302 percent of the total votes cast .

Meanwhile, the main opposition National Democratic Congress and its Flagbeare former President John Dramani Manama has vehemently and unequivocally, blatantly rejected the verdict of the Electoral Commission describing it as flawed and stolen verdict.

The National Democratic Congress has organized series of conferences and press briefings to alert the General public on their concerns and objections over the results declared by the EC.The party since December 7 declared the party as winning the majority seat in parliament.

The declaration of the results by the Electoral Commission as it stands now is 137 parliamentary seats in favour of the incumbent New Patriotic Party and 136 for the opposition NDC ,The declaration since then has generated a great deal of debate between the two main parties. The EC also declared an independent candidate the winner of the Fomena constituency who initially was rejected by the NPP party for going independent.

The National Campaign Manager of the New Patriotic Party Mr Peter Mac Manu had disclosed that indeed the NPP has lost the election because the party has many parliamentary seats won in the 2016 elections throughout the regions of the country.

NPP Has Finally Conceded Defeat;

NPP Has Finally Conceded Defeat;

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