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[Photos] Renowned Tv presenter Berla Mundi sighted performing “Dipo” rite

[Photos] Renowned Tv presenter Berla Mundi sighted performing “Dipo” rite

Questions are being asked about renowned Ghanaian TV Presenter ,Berla mundi’s latest photos available online.

Though , unconfirmed , it appears Berla Mundi has joined to Perform puberty rite , specifically ,Dipo

From the photos available to, the actress can be seen dressed as she poses  with Young girls who appear to be going through the same rite

The photos have generated a lot of Talks online with many wondering whether her age is suitable to the rites

Dipo” is actually a puberty rite ,thus , transitioning rite , it is purposely meant to usher the girl child to adolescent . During the course of this transitional right , the girl child is taught several things that will make them cope with their new world . These days ,older people who had no opportunity to Perform are allowed to do same ,it is believe ,ones they fail to participate and they get pregnant , they are not allowed to return to their kinsmen . The rite is actually performed by The Krobo who are mostly around Eastern Region ,Ghana

See Below;

[Photos] Renowned

Berla Mundi

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