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Assin North MP Elect renounced his Canadian Citizenship before Contesting the seat

Following the trending news on the internet concerning the dual citizenship allegations against the Member Of Parliament elects for Assin North Constituency by a group called Concerned Citizens Of Assin North Constituency, the National Democratic Congress in Central Region has finally cleared the air.


Wednesday 23rd December, 2020 On Class FM 91.3 in an interview with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Communications Officer in Central Region, Kwesi Dawood said: the Member Of Parliament elects for Assin North Constituency in the person of Hon. James Joe Quayson does not hold dual citizenship as it is alleged by the Concerned Citizens Of Assin North Constituency.


According Mr. Kwesi Dawood, every single candidate of the National Democratic Congress candidate knows the laws of this country and can never violate it.


As it stands now, the New Patriotic Party in Assin North Constituency Constituency is hiding behind the scenes of the so called Concerned Citizens Of Assin North Constituency to make this fishing expedition, which will amount to nothing.


Mr. Kwesi Dawood again said that, the New Patriotic Party in the Assin North Constituency did not expect the victory of our candidate, Hon. James Gyekye Quayson and are now confused, hence making all sorts of dual citizenship allegations against him.


And the National Democratic Congress as a party is also aware that the New Patriotic Party are desperate to get some Parliamentary Seats to form Majority in parliament and trying every means to make it happen.


I am using this platform to tell the people of Assin North Constituency who voted massively for Hon. James Gyekye Quayson that, the MP Elects for Assin North Constituency, Hon. James Gyekye Quayson is a full Citizen of Ghana who owes no allegiance whatsoever to any other country.


He is a Ghanaian and qualifies to be a Member of Parliament according to the laws of the Republic of Ghana.


Hon. James Gyekye Quayson renounced his Canadian Citizenship since December 19th, 2019 and has accordingly been issued with a Renunciation Certificate by the Canadian authorities to that effect, Mr. Kwesi Dawood added.


Attached is the copy of the press release by the National Democratic Congress, Central Region.

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