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Ghana Military And Police Crash Over A Cell Phone

The two conflicted after faculty of the Military separation on the Operation Motherland at Juapong and on the Adomi connect who have persistently disregarded the police, Amin Kailebie hit the phone a CTU Personnel was holding from his hand , and in the process the phone was damaged.

Staff of Ghana Police Service prepared powers to Pass through Adomi Bridge to show their annoyance. Yet, for the ideal intercession of the Juapong District Officer, the circumstance would have been distinctive deciding from the fury and outrage of the faculty.

Ghana Military And Police Crash Over A Cell Phone

Ghana Military

Reports demonstrate that this was not the first run through the Military work force had been resistant to Police faculty as one Staff Sergeant Ahiave gathered chronic quantities of side arms of the CTU faculty and on two events the said Staff Sergeant took ID cards of the CTU faculties and needed to take photos of the ID’s a circumstance the CTU work forces passionately contradicted, and limited him from doing as such.

The issue is said to have been settled after DSP Mr Ben Samani, DSP Mr Sackitey the Officer I/c of the Police Detachment at Western Togoland Duties at Juapong, Lieutenant Yakubu 66 Artillery Regiment Commander at Juapong and Lieutenant, Mensah, Inspr Ackah and W.O.1 Dorgbefu gathered a gathering at the Juapong District office to determine the issue genially.

Ghana Military And Police Crash Over A Cell Phone

Ghana Police Service

The goal went on effectively with no hitches or episode. The two administrators  consented to force their subordinates to act expertly and inside the restrictions of the law, and protect the harmony.

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