I Was Born Normal, But I Stopped Growing At Some Point – Pawpaw Reveals.


I Was Born Normal, But I Stopped Growing At Some Point – Pawpaw Reveals.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Express, ace actor Osita Iheme, well known as Pawpaw, discussed his life story and why he is a midget.


The Nollywood legend, who developed a remarkable onscreen collaboration with fellow small actor Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki), revealed that he was born as a normal baby but stopped growing for unknown reasons.

“I was born normal, but I stopped growing afterwards. In the early 1980s, I was born. Every February 20th, I commemorate my birth. When I was born, I was a regular baby. I can’t say this is when I stopped growing, but I simply grew up to be in this position.

I can’t question God, but I’m determined to make something of myself in life. My father died while I was young, under unclear circumstances. If my Daddy had lived today, I know my academic objectives would have been realized up to the PhD level, as well as many other things I wanted to pursue.

It does, however, break my heart. I was quite young at the time of the tragic event that resulted in my dear father’s untimely demise. Because I was still a baby when he died, I can’t say much about him.

He was a trader who traveled a lot and was involved marketing, according to what I learned. He made certain that his children had a good education. He instilled in us a strong sense of morality and the fear of God. That was the kind of father he was. He was a big guy.

I basically grew up to be in this situation. I’ve just found myself in this situation, and I’m not going to question God, but I’m going to keep working hard to make something of myself in life. My mother must have been concerned about my development, but what could she do? It had occurred, and she had no choice but to accept the situation as it was.

In our family, there are five children: a girl and four boys. I am the last child to be born. Two of my siblings live in Europe, while the other two work in the import industry. The lone female employee is employed by an energy business.

I Was Born Normal,

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