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Motorcyclist Arrested In For Having Ammunition On Him

A motorcyclist  who was recognized as Garuba Sanni has been arrested after more than 20 bits of ammo was found on him in Oghara, Ethiope West area of Delta State, Nigeria.

The Nation reports that the Motorcyclist arrested who’s name is Garuba was associated with a an accident near Oghara Junction by the Cattle Market along the Expressway.People who were around and witnessed the accident rushed to help him him but to their surprise they found ammunition on him.

Before  the motorcyclist was arrested  he was attacked and beaten up by the people who went around him , Garabu Sanni said that it was one Sariki in the Cattle Market that sent him to purchase the bullets for him.

Motorcyclist Arrested For Having Ammunition On Him

The Motorcyclist

The chairman of the community , Mr Eghwere, who affirmed the incident said

“I was in my house when one of my boys called me that they caught a man with bullets. It is like the guy was going to the cattle market. But before he entered the cattle market, by the road, the bike fell down.

“So the bullets fell, about 20 bullets. I was the one that called the police. I called the DCO to come and take the guy. They wanted to burn him. I said no, the police will go and investigate more, and know where he was taking the bullets to.

“Then he mentioned that one Sariki was the one that sent him. That was what he told me categorically. Others heard him, I was not the only one. When DCO came, we handed him over to DCO and I have not heard from him till now.”

DSP Onome Onovwakpoyeya who is the spokesperson of the State Police Command confirmed the incident.
The “Sariki” who sent Sanni and the woman who sold the bullets to him have been arrested DSP Onome Onovwakpoyeya added.

“That one Garuba Sanni was caught in possession of ammunition. The Police swung into action and arrested him. He said somebody sent him. The person who sent him now called the name of a woman who sells it and they recovered about 77 ammunition”.

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