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PUSAG calls on all stakeholders to vote for peace

The National Executives Council of the Private Universities Students Association of Ghana (PUSAG) calls on the Ghanaian populace to vote for peace in the upcoming general elections.


The President of the Private Universities Students Association, Mr. Alswel Annan said, as youth and future of this nation, it is imperative that we reconnoitre that there’s more to gain when one’s political party loses elections than to lose our beloved motherland Ghana to conflict and mayhem.


Let’s all stand together and rally to the development of our nation behind whoever emerges as the winner of the polls, PUSAG President added.


We urge you all to also adhere to the protocols prescribed by the authorities in the prevention of the spread of covid 19.

Wear your mask at all times.

Keep your distance as you queue to cast your votes.

Vote wisely and vote for peace.


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