Rose, one of the famous Date Rush personalities has responded to reactions focused at her after the ‘Date Rush Reunion’ scene was showed on TV3.

Recalling , Rose expressed that she doesn’t pick Trotro, she utilizes uber or bolt frequently however all that her date can afford is Trotro.

Following that, a report circled that she isn’t the individual she is depicting to be. As indicated by the report, Rose utilized trotro for school and her mum sells indomie.

Responding to these criticisms in an interview with ZionFelix on the ‘Uncut’ Show, Rose Owusu Konadu expressed that there is nothing wrong if her mom sells indomie or food to support her.

She affirmed that her mom sells indomie, rice, banku… and so forth to support her family.

What's Wrong If My Mom Sells Indomie And Banku - Rose Of Date Rush Tells The Truth In An Interview
Rose Konadu

On if she picks trotro for school, Rose addressed that was the point at which she was at level 100 during her days at GH Media School.

She added that there are stages throughout everyday life, so it isn’t dishonorable on the off chance that she picked trotro before.

Rose likewise reacted to why she is now and again called Khadija.

Watch full video of the interview below :



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