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Juliet Ibrahim Celebrates Her Son’s 10th Birthday

Juliet Ibrahim Celebrates Her Son’s 10th Birthday
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Juliet Ibrahim is one of Ghana’s beautiful actresses , she also a very popular on social media.

Juliet Ibrahim is the mother of Jayden Safo, a product of her union with Kwadwo Safo who is the fifth son of Apostle Kwadwo Safo Kantanka.

From a post I sighted today on her instagram page, today marks exactly 10 years she gave birth to Jayden and she wrote : “ It was exactly a decade ago, you were crying in my loving arms. Jayden, now you are growing into a fine lad and I couldn’t be prouder.

My prayer for you is that you live happily for many more decades to come and may all our heartfelt wishes and prayers for you come to past in Jesus name. Amen!

Jayden, For the first time in your life, you need 2 numbers to write your age! So that makes your tenth birthday a beginning of a new era in your life, so make sure you get the most out of it. @jaydenksafo

From all the years you’ve lived in the past decade of your life, this one will probably require the most work, I mean, you even need more numbers to write down your age now.

But with great work, comes even greater excitement and responsibility when that work is finished, so never forget that no matter how tough the future of a big man like you may seem, there is always a happier side.

More so, Turning ten means you have become Trustworthy, Effective and Noble in decision making. You’re a big man now, @jaydenksafo

I am here for you forever and just remember you are a special kid, so I want you to always believe in yourself that you can achieve and become anything you want to be.

You are the reason I am the happiest and luckiest parent on earth because you are definitely the most awesome 10 year old I know.
Having a special son like you is a blessing to me; I get to share in each and every moment that means the world to you.

Enjoy your youth as you won’t be young forever. There is a time when everything stops being only games or play and work gets into the picture.

Keep being yourself and working harder to be a better person and you might end up being the next Mr. President.

Happy 10th birthday! You have been planning for this day for as long as I can remember.
For each of the 10 candles on your birthday cake today, I wish for a wish of yours to come true. Because that is what decade old kids deserve!
We have something special planned for you as you are getting old! Just kidding.

I love you Son @jaydenksafo”

Juliet Ibrahim Celebrates Her Son’s 10th Birthday

Juliet Ibrahim and Her Son Jayden Safo

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