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Senior High Students – practicing lesbianism

Senior High Students – practicing lesbianism

Thank you for clicking on this article. This world is full of Surprises. I think it is coming to an end. Some of the Senior High school students are in school. And there is a video that is fast trending on social media. This pictures  includes two Senior High School girls enjoying themselves. They are kissing and twerking on campus. This shameful acts have been happening in our schools just because of the freedom brought about by educational policies and reforms.Please follow this article as I showcase the images of the students enjoying themselves.

Senior High Students - practicing  lesbianism


Looking at pictures aforementioned clearly show that, Student in the country are at leberty to do most things they like and get to go scot-free and it is really sad and very dangerous for the future of this country. Even some days back, a student was able to insult the president of Ghana. This kind of act is becoming very evident and obvious in most of our highly prestigious Senior High Schools. The Ghana Education Service needs to put in measures to stop all these bad acts in our verious Senior High Schools. Please keep your comment coming.

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