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Trailer Mate Dies After Been Trapped For 16 Hours

A mate of a trailer driver is declared dead after to being caught under their trailer for more than 16 hours.

The driver, Mustapha and his sibling, Emmerana Alhassan, 20, were traveling with a shipping container in their trailer and the unfortunate happened. Their trailer fell into a ditch near the Kintampo Falls.

Trailer Mate Dies After Been Trapped For 16 Hours

Rescue Team Trying To Rescue The Trailer Mate

As indicated by the driver, he was steering to that side of the road to give way to a speeding vehicle behind him.He lost control of the steering wheel, went off-course and the trailer headed straight into the near by bushes. The driver was rescued by some people around the place and he got minors injuries from the accident.

Be that as it may, his mate, who was caught under the trailer , was groaning in pains as the rescue group put forth consistent attempts to drag him out.

Trailer Mate Dies After Been Trapped For 16 Hours
The Ghanan National Fire Service and other Rescue groups, following 16 hours, successfully brought the the 20-year-old was was under the trailer out. In any case, he was pronounced dead at the Kintampo Government Hospital few moments after his rescue at 1:10 am today.

The driver sustained minor physical issue and has been treated and discharge from a the same hospital clinic.

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