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“I Cursed Fameye Out Of Pain And I Regret It“ – Ogidi Brown

Ogidi Brown is a Ghanaian artiste manager and a musician who has been in the Ghanaian music industry for a very long time now.

For the past few months there had been allegations between him and his former signee Fameye, this resulted in him threatening to curse Fameye.

“I Cursed Fameye Out Of Pain And I Regret It “ : Ogidi Brown

Ogidi Brown

In a Facebook live video, Ogidi affirmed Fameye owes him a massive amount of 50,000 USD and threatened to kill him and his new born child, if he (Fameye) doesn’t pay him his money within two weeks.

Filled with regret for his activities, Ogidi Brown in an interview on Happy 98.9 FM’s Ayekoo After Drive, apologized to his fans for his unfortunate statement which came out of anger.

“I made the video out of pain. I have not cursed anyone and will never curse anyone in my life” – he said.

Ogidi  disclosed that, after the video was made, an elderly person from the Antoa municipality who followed him via web-based media, invited him (Ogidi Brown) for a gathering and counseled him against cursing anybody.

“Upon hearing my side of the story, Fameye was additionally invited to the meeting place where he conceded he owed me some cash yet demanded it was under 50,000USD” – Ogidi added

“I Cursed Fameye Out Of Pain And I Regret It “ : Ogidi Brown


On his position, Fameye said the obligation was somewhat 30,000USD, yet has from that point forward not paid a dime to Ogidi Brown or even spoke with him.

Ogidi  announced that similarly as he openly requested his cash from Fameye, so will he make a public presentation when the obligation is cleared.


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