Two Nigerian Kidnappers Grabbed By Dansoman Police…..

The world is getting so sinful to the degree that individuals can carry out all way of terrible things to get what they need.

Two Nigerian Kidnappers Grabbed By Dansoman Police
Since the young people these days are ‘desiring’ for wealth and are not prepared to buckle down, they participate taking all things together sorts of malicious ways of life to get what they need in this life.

In another video seen, 2 Nigerian young men were seen caught on camera for kidnapping and selling kids to “sakawa boys” and other “juju men“. As indicated by the two Nigerian folks, they migrated to Ghana in 2018 to look for good jobs because of the difficult stretches they were experiencing in Nigeria.

Two Nigerian Kidnappers Grabbed By Dansoman Police
At the point when they showed up in Ghana, they had no jobs to do to cater for themselves and so they joined kidnappers to kidnap and sell children.
The added that when a successful kidnapping is done they sell these kids to a woman in Accra-Dansoma.

The two Nigerian kidnappers are currently in the custody of Dansoman Police.



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