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Ghanaians In USA Might Be Abolish

Ghanaians In USA Might Be Abolish

Ghanaians In USA Might Be Abolish;

There is this popular mentality that Africans have, which makes them to feel like the USA is a better place to immigrate to in search of greener pastures. Quite true, the United States of America is a wonderful place but still it is very necessary to remain in your own country and develop it to your taste.

In the United States, you can become a full citizen after residing in the country for 15 years with no criminal record. Also, another way is through citizenship by birth, that’s why you see most pregnant women travelling ahead of time so they can deliver their baby in the country of their choice.

However, bad news has just hit Ghanaians who are in the USA, as the incumbent president, Donald Trump is set to sign a MOU before he leaves, which will Abolish citizenship by birth in the United States of America.

This information was shared by a credible source online.

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This news is a wake-up call to Ghanaians in Diaspora, it is time for us to join our hands and build this nation. Even as the elections are approaching, we should stick together and elect whoever we feel will make Ghana to look like the United States of America.

  • Can I hear your comments on what you think about Trump’s suggestion?

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