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Reporter Gets Robbed During Live Section (Photos + Video)

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Reporter Gets Robbed During Live Section (Photos + Video) ……..

An Ecuadorian TV correspondent and his camera team got the shock of their lives when they were held at gunpoint by a robbers who was wearing mask, while doing a live piece.

Reporter Gets Robbed During Live  Section (Photos + Video)

The Robbers With A Gun

On February 12, Diego Ordinola, a writer for Ecuador’s DirecTV Sports, was revealing from outside the Isidro Romero Carbo Monumental Stadium, the home of the Barcelona SC soccer club, when a man wearing a baseball cap and face mask moved toward him and pulled out a gun.

The robber can be heard requesting the group’s phones, and when one of them gives up their smart phone, he runs off, leaving the group in stun.

“We can’t even work quietly. This happened at 1:pm today outside the Estadio Monumental,”Diego Ordinalo gave this caption to the video he posted on Twitter . After the robber took off with the taken phone, the cameraman began following him and later recorded the man making his escape on a motorcycle.

Reporter Gets Robbed During Live  Section (Photos + Video)

The Robber Seen Escaping On A Motorbike With Another Man 

The video has just been seen a huge number of times on Twitter alone, and has since spread on other social media platforms.

Ordinola later took to Twitter again to thank individuals for their messages of help, adding that police have promised to get the robber and deal with him.

Watch Video Below :👇👇👇👇👇👇

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