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Suspected Robber In The Achimota Forest Gunned Down

Suspected Robber In The Achimota Forest Gunned Down

A man who is one of the suspected Achimota Forest robbers has been shot dead along the Achimota forest stretch after he prevailing with regards to attacking and grabbing two mobile phones  from two people on foot and ran into the forest .

Suspected Robber In The Achimota Forest Gunned Down
On Wednesday, 27 January 2021 at about 9pm, the suspected robber who is now dead was armed with a knife appeared out of the Achimota Forest and grabbed the phones of the pedestrians and ran once again into the the forest .

He was pursued by a snap check duty men at the Achimota CP roundabout yet he figured out how to escape into the forest.

The Police at that point returned and laid snare around the Achimota Forest , sooner or later, he arose again from another side of the forest to proceed with his activity.

The group began observing him intently. Not exactly long he grabbed one more mobile phone at knifepoint from a woman who landed from a vehicle and again began running back to the forest.

This time, the duty men gave him a hot pursue and in endeavor to demobilize him and cause his capture, he was hit by a shot, and hurried to the Police Hospital for treatment yet was pronounced dead on arrival. The body has been stored at the police funeral home.

“Fighting robbery on that stretch has been a headache for the district, the division and the regional command,” DSP Afia Tenge-Public Relation Officer Accra Regional Police Command said.

Suspected Robber In The Achimota Forest Gunned Down
The robbers as per Police disguise themselves as “Prayer Warriors “, and use the forest as a cover and come out late night and early morning times of heavy traffic and attack their victims with hostile weapons, grab their bags , mobile phones , other valuable items and run back to the forest.

Despite the fact that 5 captures were made in the last quarter of a year ago of whom 2 were imprisoned the problems still continues.

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