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Residents Demonstrate Against Chief Over Autocratic Leadership, Seizure Of Farm Land

Rice farmers at Anyinase in the Bosome Freho district of the Ashanti region have registered their red anger in a demonstration against their chief, Nana Appiah Kubi over what they describe as autocratic and abuse of power.

According to the angry farmers, farming being their only source of livelihood has been bedeviled by the said chief whom they say has been any enemy to their farming progress. They said Nana Appiah Kubi has been charging them to bring two- thirds(2/3) of their produce to him without any tangible cause.

Expressing more over their ordeal they disclosed that the chief has been chasing and cautioning them in their various farms that should they fail to comply by his directives he was never going to allow them farm on their rice lands.
“He tells us to give him two thirds of our rice produce whilst the farmlands belong to our families. His rule has been so autocratic all the time, he hates to see a youth working and he will frustrate you until you give up”, they said.

The farmers further disclosed that the sad side of their ordeal is that rice seed sold to them by the ministry of food and agriculture (MOFA) for the past two years only turn to be grasses at the end of the season.

According to them the end result is a lost, coupled with the chief’s frustrations give them double blows.


Speaking to Mr. Kwadwo Gyami, Chairman of the Anyinase Onuado Rice Farmers’ Association he also confirmed that the chief has been tormenting the rice farmers for a very long.

He said, the chief usually does that, claiming it was an order from the Kokofu manhene which they never believe is the case. ” MOFA has also been disappointing us with seeds which do not yield anything at the end “, he said.


They therefore plead for the government to at least compensate them over the MOFA’s failure seed.

Reaching the chief, Nana Appiah Kubi for his side clarification, he could not speak because the entire issue had been summoned by the Kokofu Manhene.

However, queen mother of the town, Nana Akua Domina Aboagyewaa II disclosed that chiefs had nothing wrong against the rice farmers in their activities as they paint the picture to the media.

She said chiefs were wholly behind the rice farmers and were never against them.

She concluded by saying that chiefs could not explain things for now until when the official meeting with Kokofu Manhene is done.

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